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  • One Hundred Years Of Zishan Strong Enterprise In Agriculture

    Quality comes first, the customer is supreme; keep innovating to meet the demand; serve every household with good attitude; operate honestly and abide by the credit.

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    Zishan group once again agricultural industrialization provincial key leading enterprise

    Zishan group once again agricultural industrialization provincial key leading enterprise "title

    In 2019, the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas took the lead in organizing the monitoring and supplement of provincial key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization (hereinafter referred to as provincial key leading enterprises) in accordance with the administrative measures for the identification and monitoring of provincial key leading enterprises of agricultura...

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    Purple mountain group

    Purple mountain group was founded in March 1984, is located in southern China "food city" in China, known as "China of canned" and Chinese mushroom city of zhangzhou, after 33 years of rolling development Has established base construction, production processing and marketing as one of the food chain, machinable various agricultural and sideline products nearly 200000 tons, is the agricultural industrialization national key leading enterprise, China canned industry top ten enterprises, national food industry key enterprises, for many years by the zhangzhou government named "large taxpayer".


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